Hungry for Fair Pay, Fast Food Workers Push Back

“We’re asking McDonald’s to be fair and share the billions they make in profits with the workers,” said Marco Mejia of Jobs with Justice. “They are paying minimum wages, and people are going hungry with those wages.” The rallies and strikes came just days after the Institute for Policy Studies (IPS) released a report showing that fast-food company CEOs have used taxpayer dollars to fund their own salaries while at the same time reducing taxes owed by their companies. According to the IPS “these CEO pay subsidies are the result of a loophole that allows firms to deduct unlimited amounts from their income taxes for the cost of stock options, certain stock grants, and other forms of so-called ‘performance pay’ for top executives. Put simply: the more corporations pay their CEOs, the less they pay in federal taxes. And ordinary taxpayers wind up footing the bill.”

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