Go nuts: The more you eat, the longer you’ll live


A 30-year Harvard study which tracked 119,000 men and women have found that those who ate nuts on a daily basis were 20% less likely to die than those who never ate nuts.Heart disease death risk dropped by 29% and the risk of dying of cancer dropped by 11% among people who ate nuts seven or more times a week.Every nut studied — peanuts, pistachios, almonds, walnuts, and other tree nuts — was found to produce similar effects, and researchers did not examine whether the nuts were oiled, salted, raw, roasted, or any other type of preparatory information.Nut eaters were even thinner, according to Dr. Ying Bao of Brigham and Women’s Hospital in Boston, which undertook the study. "There’s a general perception that if you eat more nuts you’re going to get fat. Our results show the opposite."Continue Reading…

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